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About Competition Manager
Competition Manager (actual name pending and suggestions accepted) is the brain child of Aaron Price desiring to create a FREE unified platform for running paragliding leagues and competitions. It came about after the realization that much of the work involved in running a league is reptitive and easily programmable (though not without lots of work). It is currently in closed beta with the SoCal league and NorCal league running on it for 2016. I'm hoping that it will transition to open beta by mid 2016 once all key features are available. In the long run I hope that this software can be extended to aviation competitions beyond paragliding and then perhaps to other types of competitions completely. I plan to keep this software free for anyone to use and if it is successful to use in-page ads to help offset the development and maintenance costs.
Planned Features
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Known bugs:
If you encounter any problems please email technical support.