XC Demon
SoCal XC League - Track Upload
  1. Upload your tracklog
  2. On the next page confirm it is the correct track for the right task
  3. Finally you will get forwarded to the results page with a green success message. You can confirm you did everything correctly by seeing if your track is in the Doarama or in the IGC zip of all the tracks
Tracks should be uploaded by Tuesday 11:59PM at the latest following a weekend event in order to be scored. Tracks may or may not be allowed to be uploaded after that time. If you don't see your task listed then you have missed the upload window. Please speak to the league admin if there are extenuating circumstances. Only the last track that you uploaded will be scored, earlier tracks for the same task will be ignored.
IGC Only (2MB max size)

If you encounter any problems please email technical support.